How to Make Matcha

May 15, 2022
| Updated on
August 4, 2022

So your interest in matcha has finally piqued enough and you are ready to give it a go on your own. It may seem a bit daunting to have this fine green powder and not be sure what to do with it, but we’re here to ease your worries.

Choosing the right matcha

Matcha is measured on a grading scale with Ceremonial being the upper tier and Culinary being the lower. For making drinks, you’ll want that fresher, vegetal Ceremonial matcha. Thankfully, Catacomb has you covered with that delicious, rich green tea. Culinary matcha is generally used for cooking and has a more bitter taste that’s masked by food. It is cheaper per ounce for when you need a lot of matcha for a dish. Check out our other blog What does matcha taste like? for even more info.

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Matcha is incredibly versatile and can be made as a hot or iced beverage.

Making a hot matcha: Start with a teaspoon of Catacomb matcha in the bottom of your mug, along with any sweetener or additional flavor you may like. Steam or heat the milk of your choice. Pour a small amount of milk into the mug and stir or blend it until you have a smooth, bright, green milk. Top with additional milk or hot water.

Making an iced matcha: Pour your milk of choice over ice. In a separate glass, place your matcha, sweetener, and other flavors. Using a whisk or milk frother, blend into a brilliant green concoction. Pour over your milk and ice. Stab with a straw. Enjoy.

Mixing Tools

Traditional matcha tool sets include a bamboo bowl, scoop, and whisk. For ease and speed, we love using an electronic milk frother. With the click of a button, you get that vibrant green blend in just a few seconds. Using a hand whisk will also do the trick, but it does require a bit more elbow grease. For those that enjoy the tradition of matcha, we definitely recommend looking into traditional Japanese matcha tools.

It isn't required, but you can use a sifter when first putting it into your cup to help break down any soft clumps. If you’re feeling fancy, sifters are great for adding that extra charm and dusting the top of your drinks with a little bit of matcha or cinnamon.

Milks and Sweeteners

The best thing about matcha is how adaptable it is. Using different types of milks will change how creamy your drink will be. You can even use equal parts milk and water to save on some of the calories.

Similarly, there are many types of things you can use to sweeten up your latte. Simple syrup or raw sugar are always fan favorites. If you want delicious low-glycemic sweeteners, agave and stevia are natural additions that will only boost your matcha. For a low-glycemic syrup to add its own flavor, mix a little raw honey into your matcha.

Get Creative

The possibilities with matcha are endless and exciting. Whether you are mixing some into your ice cream and smoothies or making a fizzy matcha soda, you can easily boost your day with antioxidants and give yourself an extra treat. Get the bigger 100g bag of Catacomb Matcha to make sure you have enough matcha for all your drinks and experiments! Be sure to follow us and check back for some creative recipes and concoctions that you can make at home!

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